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The problem is evident no matter where you look: Injectable drugs are in short supply.

What’s less evident is exactly why – or how, precisely, to resolve the problem.

In our next several newsletters, OsoBio will examine why injectable drugs are in short supply, what shortages mean for our industry, and how the regulatory landscape – as well as partner relationships – may change as a result.

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We hope to share information and insight – and, in return, we hope you’ll share your own perspective back with us.

Because if there’s anything we're learning from these shortages, perhaps it’s that we all play a part in creating them – just as we all play a part in addressing them.

So I hope to hear from you as we learn from our collective experience about shortages – and work collaboratively to do what’s best for both our industry and the patients we seek to help.

Milton Boyer

We're examining the nature of drug shorts and new ways of CMOs and drug sponsors working together in our newsletters. Our goal is to reduce our mutual risks and surprises with regulatory compliance and in the supply chain.


Next Week at Interphex
If you're at the conference, stop by OsoBio's space in the exhibit hall at booth #3682.
Of particular interest to us is the Tuesday morning keynote from Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D.: Policy Recommendations for Improving Patient Access to Drugs in Shortage


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